Serve Others

You can make all the difference.

Let’s do this.

Jesus instructed His disciples to serve one another and serve the world. As a follower of Jesus, He expects you to do the same. We will help you discover what that looks like, how to find a place to serve, and how service will bring fulfillment to your life and maturity to your faith. We want you to serve with intentionality. It won’t just benefit those around you, but it will bring joy into your life as well.

Just like Jesus

To become more like Jesus we have to do what He did. The Bible says even though He is God, He became a servant. He went as far as to give His life for us so we could be made right with God. When we serve others, we become more like Jesus.

And that, after all, is what it’s all about.

Where to start

No matter your gifts, skills, or passions, we have a place for you. Our goal is to help you start serving in a place where you can make a real difference and have a great time doing it! We have opportunities on campus here at The Cove and through mission trips (both domestic and overseas).

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