Event Promotion

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Our mission is to help you take your next step of faith. We do this through coordinating with the leaders, hearing their heart for an event, crafting artwork and promotional pieces, and implementing the promotional strategy. We strive to advertise in such a way that helps our staff and ministry team leaders reach these desired ministry objectives.

If your ministry event needs to be promoted, our Communications Team will begin working on your event and the promotional components you have requested only after it has been approved. A graphic will be created for your event if it does not exist already. Once the graphics are finalized, your event will be added to the website, app, and social media. Keep in mind that this is not a fast process, so be sure to be thinking multiple months out as you plan your event. Especially for big events.

Please allow:

  • 7 days after approval to create a graphic
  • 14-21 days from approval for your event to be added to the website, app, registration created, and/or preservice announcement slide.

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I already have artwork!

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