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May 31 - June 10 2019

Villavicencio, Colombia


What is Happening?

We will be traveling to Colombia from May 31st (Friday)-June 10 (Monday), 2019! The estimated cost of the trip is $1,800. We will fly into Bogota, Colombia and travel from there to Villavicencio where we will work with Dale Meade and his team at Villa Peniel (the church camp)!

You’ll have the chance to work alongside a mission that has planted 40 churches in the last 40 years. You’ll work hard at the church camp, get to spend some time with students in a local school (and help them practice English), meet great people, eat like royalty, and expand your view of the Kingdom of God. We’d love for you to join us!


Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

Travel is safe to and in Colombia.  Traveling in Colombia is like traveling to a large city in the U.S.  There are places that are dangerous, but we avoid those places.  As with any travel, there are dangers, but then driving down the road in the U.S. is dangerous as well. 

Do I need a passport or vaccines?

You will need a current passport to travel to Colombia, please check and make sure your passport will not expire during your trip. You will most likely need to get a Yellow Fever vaccination for your travel, they often require it for travel to Villavicencio. If you have an egg or chicken allergy however you will not be able to get one, you can get a release letter from the health department stating this and you will be allowed an exemption. You should also make sure your tetanus vaccination is current before traveling to Colombia.

What should I pack? What will the weather be like?

Villavicencio is located down on the prairie and therefore it is much hotter there. In the winter this it is in the high 80’s during the day and in the low 70’s at night. In the rainy season, it’s usually in the 70′s during the day and maybe the 60′s at night with lots of rain.

Because we will be very close to the equator the sun is much hotter than it is here in the northern parts of the U.S. You will want to make sure to wear sunscreen every day so you don’t get burned. The air in Bogota is also very dry. If you are prone to having dry sinuses make sure you pack some saline nasal spray. This will make your trip a little more comfortable.

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