Connect with Other Believers

We're in this together.

Why Connect?

Imagine living in a house with electricity but you never plug a microwave, toaster, tablet, phone, computer, or anything else into one of the many outlets. The power and potential is available. It’s accessible—literally at your fingertips. However, through your choice, you decide not to transfer the capacity in the wall to any device. What would be the result? An unnecessarily difficult existence! You might as well go camping – alone – in a tent – in the middle of Montana—cooking on a fire—for an entire year! (Since “frontier pioneer” isn’t in most of our 21st century DNA, let’s venture back to more pleasant thoughts.)

Think of all you accomplish by plugging in and using electric power! (i.e. You…wake up on time, light the darkness, enjoy a hot shower, can put on clean clothes, prepare a warm meal, grab your recharged phone, open the garage door, etc.) Life is easier, brighter, cleaner, and better. In every way, life is filled with more options. Your life is enriched with laugher, fun, joy, peace, time savings, more energy, and convenience all because of a simple personal decision to plug in, flip a switch, and utilize the power—the power that is literally right there!

Never Alone

We were never meant to do faith alone. When we connect with other believers, our journey with Jesus goes to another level. The friendships that form are unlike anything you’ve experienced. You get an additional family who will walk with you through everything that comes your way.

Getting connected is easy, and it’s essential. So take your next step. We really are in this together.

How to Connect

We believe life change happens best in small groups. We call them Life Groups because we share our real lives with each other. Our members are like family, but we aren’t exclusive. We’d love you to join us.

What's your next step?