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The Fear of the Lord

When we were little, we had a certain amount of fear when it came to our parents. Hopefully not because they were actually harming us, but most of us thought at one point, "I'm a little scared of disobeying them." That fear led us to obey them in the early parts of...

When Being Right is Wrong

Don’t you love being right? It feels so good. It is kind of a rush. That’s why Jeopardy has been going so strong for so long. Although for me watching Jeopardy is terrible because I only get two or three right, I’m pretty sure Alex has been rigging it for years. When...

We Need Each Other

"I don’t need anybody else, just me and Jesus.” It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard. Maybe you’ve even said it. It sounds super spiritual, but is it true? Can you really grow into the follower of Jesus you should be all by yourself? If you take a look at the way Jesus...

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