Have you ever wondered if God cares? I’m not talking about big things, but about the little things in our everyday lives. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the God of the universe cares about what’s going on with the privacy fence in our backyard. When we moved into our house there were two sections of privacy fence that needed to be replaced. They weren’t falling over or anything, but it was time. The problem was we spent all the money we had buying the house so it was going to take a bit to get that done and let’s be honest: it wasn’t a high priority. At least until our dog, Rusty busted a hole in the wood and we had to start chasing the dogs around the neighborhood on a regular basis.

But the fact remained that we just didn’t have the cash in the budget to fix the fence, so we just dealt with it. Until this week. I (Elliott) came home from work and there were guys working in our neighbor’s yard, replacing their privacy fence. As it turns out, our neighbors are replacing part of our fence (the biggest part) that needed to be replaced (thank you)! I was ecstatic because it meant we only had about a 13-foot section that needed to be done. So I asked the guys what it would take.

They told me what it would cost if the parent company did it, but then they gave me the price if they just did it with the extra wood they had from my neighbor’s job. It was half the price. There was only one problem: half the price doesn’t matter if it’s still outside your budget. So I thanked them and went on with my day. Then Abi went to work. When she arrived she was told to check her box because there was something in there she would like. It was a check! Do you want to guess how much it was for? How about this: THE EXACT AMOUNT, to the dollar, needed to fix the fence!

So we have a new fence, and here’s what I’m learning.

God is in the details.

There is nothing that escapes His eye. He cares about the little things in our lives as well as the big things. Just because He is big doesn’t mean He ignores the little things. He sees the forest and the trees. He made them both you know. How cool is it that we serve a God who can save us from sin and death, cure disease, AND still cares enough to help us fix the fence?

What’s something cool God has done in your life lately?

Give Him some praise in the comments below.

Remember this: We love you, we’re praying for you, and we’re in this together.

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