Do you ever look at a couple and wonder, “How do they do it?” Their life seems so amazing. Their love doesn’t seem to be fading like everyone else’s and they always have cool stories about their latest adventures. Let’s face it, some relationships are just better than others. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to figure out why? Is there a secret to great relationships? While there is no magic formula for a successful relationship, there are things successful couples have in common. There are habits you can take on that WILL have a big impact on your relationship.

Work together. We’re not talking about having the same job. But successful couples are successful because they are moving in the same direction. They have the same goals and are helping each other reach those goals. When was the last time you asked each other what you want to accomplish? It’s amazing the effect working toward something together will have on your relationship. Having a common goal creates a bond and brings you closer…every time.

Have fun together. If all of your stories happened months or even years ago, you need to get out more. Set a time to go out and do something that is centered around the two of you having fun. This is not the time to go run errands. Make it something worth remembering. Go to a concert, go kayaking, go watch kids fall at the skate park, whatever makes you laugh! Having fun together creates memories that will strengthen your relationship in ways you can’t even fathom. Odds are you took your relationship to the next level because you had fun spending time together. In the beginning, you did this on purpose. Now should be no different. Successful couples get stuff done together, but they also have a ton of fun.

Think of each other first. Once again, when you first start dating you think of the other person first. The reason is simple: you want them to know how thoughtful you are and you want them to like you! It’s funny how great your relationship can be if you just pretend you are still in the “getting to know you phase.” It’s even more fun when you know each other well though because there is much less guessing involved. One thing I’ve noticed is that when you think of the other person first, they tend to do the same thing for you. Couples who think of each other first are successful because they love to see each other smile.

None of these things are difficult. But all they have to be done on purpose. Successful relationships don’t have to be difficult, but they do have to be intentional. Happily ever after doesn’t happen by accident.

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Who is a couple you want to be like? Leave their names in the comments below and give them a shout out!

Remember: We love you. We’re praying for you. And we’re in this together.

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